【9 Star Ki】6 Metal Star and 6 Metal Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

6 Metal Star and 6 Metal Star Love Compatibility


It is easy to understand each other and they will be fun together.

Because they talk without reserve, they often conflict with, but it will end up arguing.

They should be able to understand each other well.

When their power becomes one, nothing scares them anymore.

But they will become out of control.

Either one of them should take a step back.


6 Metal Star and 6 Metal Star Marriage Compatibility


Because they are active, they may feel unable to relax.

But this couple can live happily while complaining about each other.

If their opinions conflict, they should apologize to each other honestly.


6 Metal Star and 6 Metal Star Friendship Compatibility


They can understand each other as friends.

However, if they have a different point of view, they should not be self-assertive too much.

They must let either one of two the credit.


6 Metal Star and 6 Metal Star Business Partnership Compatibility


By acting together, the relationship of trust deepens.

They should create an environment where they can show their ability on the work.

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