【9 Star Ki】4 Wood Star and 8 Soil Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

4 Wood Star and 8 Soil Star Love Compatibility


8 Soil Star who is devoted to people have a big heart to accept 4 Wood Star, but they don’t feel close to.

4 Wood Star tends to think of the sincerity of 8 Soil Star.

8 Soil Star who accepts everything is at the mercy of 4 Wood Star who is a sociable person and is exhausted.

8 Soil Star can’t be convinced with 4 Wood Star and is dissatisfied with 4 Wood Star.

8 Soil Star may be disappointed with 4 Wood Star who is cheating.

8 Soil Star had better not expect a lot from 4 Wood Star.

The key to continuing their relationship is that 4 Wood Star has a feeling of gratitude for 8 Soil Star.

If 8 Soil Star come in conflict with 4 Wood Star, 8 Soil Star will end up just wasting energy


4 Wood Star and 8 Soil Star Marriage Compatibility


The secret to making lasting relationships is not bounding each other and not being possessive.

If 4 Wood Star is a husband and 8 Soil Star is a wife, they are not too bad.

If 4 Wood Star behave capriciously too much, it will disappoint 8 Soil Star.

If 8 Soil Star is heavily dependent on 4 Wood Star, 4 Wood Star will be tired.

If they get in trouble, it is safer for 8 Soil Star to take a step back.


4 Wood Star and 8 Soil Star Friendship Compatibility


8 Soil Star and 4 Wood Star don’t get into a big fight, and they build a cool friendship.

They are moody people, so they should see each other whenever they want.


4 Wood Star and 8 Soil Star Business Partnership Compatibility


8 Soil Star should bring 4 Wood Star’s ideas into shape.

They need to recognize each other’s sense and ability.

If they try to take advantage of each other’s good points, they will be successful.

8 Soil Star should not interfere in 4 Wood Star’s field of expertise who is good at the art of socializing.

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