【9 Star Ki】4 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

4 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star Love Compatibility


They can build a stable and peaceful relationship.

Because this couple shares the same values, they feel monotonous, but there are not any problems.

They are argumentative, so they tend to quarrel.

Either one of them should make a concession.

It’s good for people to gather around them, but it can make them distracted due to that.

They should spend as much time as possible together.


4 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star Marriage Compatibility


This married couple can build a peaceful and stable relationship.

Both of them are indecisive, so they should not leave a big decision for either one of them.

It is better to deal well with adversity.


4 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star Friendship Compatibility


Be careful, as their desires and behaviors are the same, and they can’t suppress emotions if they get carried away.

They had better not push the troublesome matter on each other.


4 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star Business Partnership Compatibility


If they work together on something, they can show results to some extent.

4 Wood Star comes up with an idea, but they are not good at business, so they need to overcome it.

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