【9 Star Ki】3 Wood Star and 6 Metal Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

3 Wood Star and 6 Metal Star Love Compatibility


3 Wood Star who has too much pride and 6 Metal Star who has a fighting spirit will not get along well.

6 Metal Star who is a stubborn person and 3 Wood Star who is selfish meets passionately, but both have a lot of pride and will conflict.

6 Metal Star and 3 Wood Star will feel stressed about their differences in values and sensibility when they stay together for a long time.

When they fight for leadership, they may get out of control.

It’s no use asking her to compromise, so it’s important for 3 Wood Star to put up with 6 Metal Star and to take a back seat to 6 Metal Star.

Therefore, 3 Wood Star builds up stress.

3 Wood Star will lose energy if 3 Wood Star doesn’t relieve stress.


3 Wood Star and 6 Metal Star Marriage Compatibility


If 3 Wood Star let 6 Metal Star take priority, they will have a smooth relationship.

If 3 Wood Star is a wife and 6 Metal Star is a husband, their compatibility is not bad.

When they have the same goal, they will become powerful a married couple.

3 Wood Star and 6 Metal Star have what they don’t have, so if they can acknowledge and make up for each other’s weak points, they will become a married couple who are tied with a strong chain.


3 Wood Star and 6 Metal Star Friendship Compatibility


If they don’t cherish the spirit of giving way to each other, they will repeat the fight.

It is important to know that their ways of living are too different and not to say one word too many.

If 3 Wood Star will walk in 6 Metal Star’s shoes, every time they meet, they will quarrel.

They must recognize each other.


3 Wood Star and 6 Metal Star Business Partnership Compatibility


If 6 Metal Star is a boss, 3 Wood Star should be patient.

And if 6 Metal Star is subordinate, 3 Wood Star is required to be tolerant.

It is important for them not to be stubborn with each other and to quickly come up with a suitable compromise.

If they argue, they will fail to reach an agreement and they will have an endless fight.

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