【9 Star Ki】3 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

3 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star Love Compatibility


3 Wood Star’s sense is similar to 4 Wood Star’s, so they will be able to accept each other’s emotions

They can share their joy and sadness.

Because 3 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star can be natural, they can be relaxed.

But they think things over, and they will be depressed together.

Because 3 Wood Star who likes to talk says one word too many, it might be the cause of their quarrel.

4 Wood Star should support 3 Wood Star who takes a lightheaded act.


3 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star Marriage Compatibility


They are married couples like equal friends, but they can not move forward if they expect from each other.

Either one of them needs to take the lead.

They should talk well and make a plan for the future.

Neither of them is a type that establishes the goal and executes the plan.

It is good to decide to share roles in their life how to support each other.


3 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star Friendship Compatibility



They are good at making plans but are not good at troublesome procedures.

They are likely to quarrel due to that.

It will work if 3 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star decide the sharing roles from the beginning.

They will be able to talk about anything freely.

4 Wood Star should forgive 3 Wood Star who is insensitive.


3 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star Business Partnership Compatibility


At the meeting, 3 Wood Star and 4 Wood Star actively exchange opinions.

The boss must show a sense of responsibility.

With the acting power of 4 Wood Star and the theory of 3 Wood Star, it is a wonderful relationship that can complement each other.

They will be reassuring partners who can understand each other.

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