【9 Star Ki】3 Wood Star and 3 Wood Star, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

3 Wood Star and 3 Wood Star Love Compatibility


They have a glib tongue and have too much pride, but they will go well even if they fight.

Even if they quarrel, they will heal a relationship.

But they are assertive and if they disagree, they will go off completely different directions.

This couple can maintain a good relationship if either one of them can be rational, and can adjust to the other.


3 Wood Star and 3 Wood Star Marriage Compatibility


If they have the same purpose, they will be strong partners who support each other.

As this married couple can understand each other’s pride and way of thinking, they need to be able to respect each other’s personalities.


3 Wood Star and 3 Wood Star Friendship Compatibility


If they keep in mind to act rationally, this friendship will go well.

Since they have too much pride and are talkative, they have a big fight but it’s OKAY if they build a give-and-take relationship.


3 Wood Star and 3 Wood Star Business Partnership Compatibility


Their strong personalities will clash, but if they can find something that they can sympathize with, they will be a great encouragement.

It is necessary how to reconcile different opinions.

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