【9 Star Ki】2 Soil Star and 6 Metal Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

2 Soil Star and 6 Metal Star Love Compatibility

2 Soil Star who is for right-hand man is attracted to 6 Metal Star who is leader, and 2 Soil Star have friendly feelings toward 6 Metal Star.

It will not take time to close the distance between their hearts.

2 Soil Star loves energetic and 2 Soil Star feel relaxed to rely on energetic 6 Metal Star.

If 2 Soil Star is with 6 Metal Star, 2 Soil Star will be able to spend a very comfortable time.

However, it is important for 2 Soil Star to initiate conversation because 6 Metal Star has high pride and does not get close easily.

If 2 Soil Star talks honestly about everything, 6 Metal Star will tell the opinion that 6 Metal has a point.

2 Soil Star patiently do things for 6 Metal Star, but if 6 Metal Star depends on that, 2 Soil Star will give up on 6 Metal Star.

Because they are at a different pace, 6 Metal Star don’t get annoyed and should watch over 2 Soil Star.

It is important to refrain from actions which causes a misunderstanding.

2 Soil Star and 6 Metal Star Marriage Compatibility

The relationship that 2 Soil Star is devoted to 6 Metal Star will work well.

If 2 Soil Star spoil 6 Metal Star too much, 6 Metal Star will get carried away.

Sometimes it is important for 2 Soil Star to refuse anything 2 Soil Star hates clearly.

If 2 Soil Star is a husband and 6 Metal Star is a wife, they will stick together.

2 Soil Star can talk honestly to 6 Metal Star, and 6 Metal Star give a suitable answer to 2 Soil Star, so 6 Metal Star will be a reassuring partner.

2 Soil Star and 6 Metal Star Friendship Compatibility

They feel what each other doesn’t have, and if the more they are together, the more they will have a stronger friendship.

6 Metal Star should be grateful for 2 Soil Star who is devoted to 6 Metal Star.

They match each others feeling, but 2 Soil Star should not hurt 6 Metal Star’s pride.

2 Soil Star and 6 Metal Star Business Partnership Compatibility

They have something that each other doesn’t have.

They have a give and take relationship and their work will be going well.

If they are successful, 6 Metal Star should express his/her gratitude to 2 Soil Star.

At work, 2 Soil Star should believe 6 Metal Star, who has a sense of responsibility

2 Soil Star should refrain from saying things that drive 6 Metal Star into a corner and should say words that flatter 6 Metal Star.

Then, their relationship will work well.

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