【9 Star Ki】2 Soil Star and 3 Wood Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

2 Soil Star and 3 Wood Star Love Compatibility

2 Soil Star is a shy person and is passive.

2 Soil Star is at the mercy of 3 Wood Star and they can’t keep with.

3 Wood Star tends to make 2 Soil Star tired.

3 Wood Star blame 2 Soil Star and 2 Soil Star may feel shortchanged.

In order for them to work well,

2 Soil Star should open her/his heart and always get a charge of energy by doing whatever 2 Soil Star likes.

If 3 Wood Star can consider the feelings of 2 Soil Star and recognize each other’s differences, their relationship will go well.

2 Soil Star is exhausted if 2 Soil Star doesn’t have the time to do what 2 Soil Star likes.

And 3 Wood Star should remember to be caring about 2 Soil Star.

2 Soil Star and 3 Wood Star Marriage Compatibility

2 Soil Star should stop worrying about 3 Wood Star and give free rein to 3 Wood Star.

If 2 Soil Star is not clingy to 3 Wood Star, this married couple will go well.

3 Wood Star will acknowledge 2 Soil Star’s advantages, and they will get on very well together!

If 3 Wood Star is a husband and 2 Soil Star is a wife, this relationship will be stable.

3 Wood Star should be in harmony with 2 Soil Star.

2 Soil Star and 3 Wood Star Friendship Compatibility

For 2 Soil Star, 3 Wood Star is ideal for a personal relationship called playmate, but it is not good to expect or seek anything from 3 Wood Star.

It is better for 2 Soil Star not to expect too much of 3 Wood Star.

2 Soil Star should avoid the serious talk.

3 Wood Star is not only self-assertive but also should listen to 2 Soil Star.

Then they will be able to acknowledge what they don’t have and help each other.

2 Soil Star and 3 Wood Star Business Partnership Compatibility

At work, It is important to acknowledge each other’s good points.

2 Soil Star and 3 Wood Star can’t keep up with.

2 Soil Star is at a slow pace, so they will be a better business partnership if 3 Wood Star adjusts to 2 Soil Star.

3 Wood Star should control his/her emotions at work. Be careful.

3 Wood Star may want to speak slowly and kindly when 3 Wood Star explains to 2 Soil Star.

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