【9 Star Ki】1 Water Star and 7 Metal Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

1 Water Star and 7 Metal Star Love Compatibility


1 Water Star and 7 Metal Star are on the same wavelength at first sight.

1 Water Star tends to become timid to 7 Metal Star, who has a resplendent atmosphere, but when 1 Water Star talks to 7 Metal Star, they get along with and get attracted to each other.

7 Metal Star who has too much pride is also attracted to 1 Water Star, who has something 7 Metal Star doesn’t have.

7 Metal Star leads 1 Water Star, but when 7 Metal Star makes important decisions, 7 Metal Star should accept 1 Water Star’s advice.

7 Metal Star should always try to share fun times with 1 Water Star.

This couple can make up instantly, even if they argue.

Because 7 Metal Star is not good at apologizing, if they fight, it is better if 1 Water Star apologizes first.


1 Water Star and 7 Metal Star Marriage Compatibility


Superficially, 7 Metal Star takes the initiative, but in a big situation, 1 Water Star will decide.

The fortune of each other creates a synergy effect, and it will be a couple who will be lucky in money.

If 7 Metal Star is a husband and 1 Water Star is a wife, they have good chemistry.


1 Water Star and 7 Metal Star Friendship Compatibility


They can acknowledge and each other’s abilities that they don’t have and make up for each other’s weak points.

Because 7 Metal Star often needs 1 Water Star’s advice on something, 1 Water Star becomes cordial and listen to 7 Metal Star’s story.

7 Metal Star shows the world that 1 Water Star does not know, and it is a relationship that can complement each other.


1 Water Star and 7 Metal Star Business Partnership Compatibility


Their work will go on smoothly as they can understand each other without worrying about each other.

1 Water Star should support 7 Metal Star who is indecisive.

If 7 Metal Star asks for a decision, 7 Metal Star should lead 1 Water Star to get things going fast.


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