【9 Star Ki】1 Water Star and 6 Metal Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

1 Water Star and 6 Metal Star Love Compatibility


1 Water Star and 6 Metal Star are relationships that can build great happiness by helping each other.

6 Metal Star listens to the story of 1 Water Star, so 1 Water Star can trust 6 Metal Star with peace of mind.

But if 1 Water Star is too selfish, 6 Metal Star becomes grumpy.

1 Water Star should always put 6 Metal Star first.

6 Metal Star and 1 Water Star have a very good understanding of each other quickly and have strong trust.

6 Metal Star exhibits his/her characteristic leadership and leads 1 Water Star.

1 Water Star accepts 6 Metal Star’s selfishness while making up for the boldness of 6 Metal Star, but in fact 1 Water Star will manipulate 6 Metal Star well.

6 Metal Star should be the center of attention.

6 Metal Star should be careful not to be misunderstood by 1 Water Star because of that.


1 Water Star and 6 Metal Star Marriage Compatibility


1 Water Star seems to be listening to the selfishness of 6 Metal Star.

However, 6 Metal Star is wrapped around 1 Water Star’s little finger.

Because 6 Metal Star has many friends, 6 Metal should not make 1 Water Star jealous.

If this married couple considers the feelings of each other, they will make a happy home.

6 Metal Star is a husband and 1 Water Star is a wife, they will be a good couple.


1 Water Star and 6 Metal Star Friendship Compatibility


The give-and-take relationship is a tip that makes a lasting friendship.

1 Water Star should sometimes make 6 Metal Star feel good by praising or giving thanks to 6 Metal Star.

6 Metal Star and 1 Water Star will be able to make long-term friendships.

6 Metal Star will take care of 1 Water Star and If 1 Water Star is in trouble, 6 Metal Star should always give 1 Water Star a helping hand.

Then, they will become closer.


1 Water Star and 6 Metal Star Business Partnership Compatibility


They can power up and achieve greater results while making up for something out of their beat.

No matter what, 1 Water Star should not hurt the pride of 6 Metal Star in public.

6 Metal Star should acknowledge 1 Water Star’s effort and encourage 1 Water Star.



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