【9 Star Ki】1 Water Star and 5 Soil Star Love, Marriage, Friendship, Business Partnership Compatibility

1 Water Star and 5 Soil Star Love Compatibility


5 Soil Star is performing a lot of one-man plays as 5 Soil Star expects.

1 Water Star and 5 Soil Star have a different character and sense of value, so it will not be easy to understand each other.

The relationship is likely to get worse as 1 Water Star gets closer to 5 Soil Star.

It is necessary to maintain a certain sense of distance psychologically, not a clinging relationship.

The longer they go out with, the more important it is.

For them to work well together,

1 Water Star needs to respond to the selfishness of 5 Soil Star, to save 5 Soil Star’s honor, and to be loyal to 5 Soil Star.

Also, 5 Soil Star needs to care about 1 Water Star.

5 Soil Star needs to listen carefully to the story of 1 Water Star, even if they feel uncomfortable as they get along deeper.


1 Water Star and 5 Soil Star Marriage Compatibility


They need a psychologically professional distance.

1 Water Star and 5 Soil Star should have different jobs and hobbies, and they should have their world.

If 5 Soil Star is a husband and 1 Water Star is a wife, they can work well if they make an effort.


1 Water Star and 5 Soil Star Friendship Compatibility


1 Water Star and 5 Soil Star have different values, so they can not easily understand each other.

However, as long as 1 Water Star listen to or adjust to what 5 Soil Star says, they will go well.

Rivalry becomes a cause of trouble, but if they have common rivals and goals, friendship can be born between them.


1 Water Star and 5 Soil Star Business Partnership Compatibility


1 If Water Star wants to get along well with 5 Soil Star, it is safer for 1 Water Star to adjust to 5 Soil Star or to yield an inch.

If they push their idea or opinion on each other, the trouble will only grow.

They will get tired because they can not keep up with their pace.

1 Water Star will no longer keep up with 5 Soil Star’s forcibility.

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