🌀The Revelation of the Tarot Card on September 25th ~ Your living tips


Welcome.Hello, Akitokimi!😝

There is one announcement this week.

JUNKA∞AKITOKIMI will divine your fortune next year!

We will describe next year’s fortune telling as “Your Fortune for 2019”.

We have decided when to start making “Your Fortune for 2019” reservation.

Reservation will start from 0:00 on Thursday, November 1!!

If you agree to book it during this year, we’ll give you a 60 percent discount.

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Would you like “Your Fortune for 2019”?

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Well then, I will start reveling Tarot cards!

The reverse of Four of Swords, The reverse of Knight of Wands, The Judgment, The High Priestess, The Reverse of Queen of Coins have been expanded.

Let’s listen to the voice of Tarot card.

It is not time to be impulsive now, and it is not just a matter of acting in a blind eye.

Even though you have to make the most of your thought and judgment, you will selfish and jump out just as you thought.

Well then, it will not work.

Rather than jumping to immediate things, the result is not everything, let’s take a closer look at the problem at the moment.

There should be points to learn from the process so far rather than the result.

And do not lose sight of your own values, please pick only important things.

If you do not find it, you will not move forward.

Calm your mind and believe in the inner voice.

You surely find the answer there.

Today’s Tarot card revelation is over with this.

This message is content I have a lot of experience with.😉

If you do everything very hard, you ignore your own essential tasks and mission, and often turn your eyes on the immediate subject.

Then it will fail.

But please be calm a bit more. Once you draw yourself out of it for a moment the truth will come to you.

Do what you are really asking for from your heart.

The tarot card message above is such content.

Thank you for listening so far this week.😁




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