【9 Star Ki】Telling Monthly 8 Soil star’s fortune:August 2020

Will there be any change in your destiny in August 2020? Jun∞Aki will solve one by one. We will also advise you to make you happy.

You may have been exhausted and you may have felt weak last month.

By the way, your feelings will be cleared, the fog will be starting to clear, and you will come to have a wider view from this month.

If you have been through a lot.

It’s your role this month to complete things you have to do one by one and to treat everything more carefully.

It is necessary to actively act on new things this month.

You may want to start new things from this August.

Even if you are busy, to take good care of people around you and to treasure the bonds with others will build a trusting relationship.

It means that if you cherish and love people, you will also be valued by others.

Of course, you should avoid an uneasy atmosphere or situation to be in because of the bad relationship between certain people and things.

You should discuss things with your boss and subordinates, communicate what you need to convey, and you should not have an obscure way of showing your feelings.

If you don’t communicate well, your opinion doesn’t match with others.

As a result, there will be troubles, complaints, and problems.

If that happens, you need to acknowledge your error and to deal with that trouble immediately.

There can be many unexpected events.

Even in that case, please keep a grip on yourself.

Are you giving up on a love with him who doesn’t progress easily?

Your decision is still early.

The future of the two may not be visible now, but I will tell you the bond and the ending between you and him.

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